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Substance Abuse Treatment Pasadena California

Substance abuse has become the nation’s top issue. Drug overdose is the number one killer for adults under 50 making addiction treatment in Pasadena essential…

Substance Abuse Treatment Pasadena California

This striking city of Pasadena, CA is marred by continuous issues relating to drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, California, especially Pasadena, CA has many addiction treatment centers and recovery programs. Individuals looking for help to end their cycle of substance abuse will have many choices to help them lead a life of sobriety in California.

Substance Abuse v Addiction

Substance abuse refers to illicit drugs as well as when you take prescription medication or alcohol in excess or in a harmful manner. Many people can quit substance abuse. For others, repeated use leads to addiction. Addiction is considered a disease that affects the brain, which triggers a feeling of reward, even if the consequences are negative or harmful.

Substance Abuse Education at Pasadena Outpatient

Understanding why you, your family member, friend or coworker has turned to alcohol or drugs is difficult and confusing. The person you once knew is hardly recognizable since substance abuse has taken control of their life. Substance abuse can be quite overwhelming to handle on your own, let alone overcome. Pasadena Outpatient offers a substance abuse education program to learn about the symptoms, consequences and health risks of alcohol and drug abuse, and how to best it.

Types of Substance Abuse Programs

Substance Abuse Treatment programs vary in their levels. Many chose to start their journey in a residential treatment program with the plan to move into a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) thereafter. Individuals have unique circumstances which need to be accounted for.

  1. Residential programs give patient treatment around the clock while they reside at the facility. Also known as inpatient programs, they take part in individual and group therapy as well as physical activities. This allows for constant interaction with peers going through similar situations. Inpatient addiction treatment in Pasadena, CA, helps patients learn to deal with sober life outside the facility, by learning skills such as nutritional planning, and stress management.
  2. PHP programs give patients more autonomy than residential programs as they can, but don’t necessary have to, spend the night at their own homes – providing the home environment is a safe and supportive one. These programs typically require patients to spend approximately 25 hours in group and individual therapy weekly.
  3. IOP programs allow patients to live at home or in sober living, providing much more freedom and flexibility. They get to continue on with normal commitments such as family, work and education while attending group and individual therapy at specific times. IOP programs typically mandate 9 hours of recovery weekly. A patient’s home environment must be a supportive one. Patients have to be strong-willed enough to stay away from temptations that previously enhanced their substance use disorder. IOP programs are best suited for patients with mild cases of substance misuse or those who have already completed higher levels of addiction treatment.

A proper assessment of your situation is necessary when considering which level of treatment program is best for you. Pasadena Outpatient is here to answer your questions about substance abuse, addiction and how we can help you start your recovery. Contact us at 800-521-1766. Learn more about substance abuse

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