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Happy Healthy Sober New Year 2018 from Paadena Outpatient

As we look forward to a sober new year, Pasadena Outpatient is grateful and humbled to those individuals and families we helped with their addiction recovery…


Pasadena Outpatient has experienced an extraordinary 2017, thanks to our staff and clients. With your strength and courage and our dedicated team of addiction specialists, we have been able to help so many individuals and families with their struggles through the addiction recovery process. We remain fortified in our mission as we begin a new and sober new year…

To uncover the underlying issues causing drug and alcohol addiction and create an individualized plan for a healthy and meaningful life.

There is nothing more important to the owners and staff of Pasadena Outpatient than to help you remain sober and build a better life. Our first-hand knowledge and experiences allows us to provide an effective intensive outpatient program (IOP) designed for a sober new year and beyond.

We realize that this past year may have been challenging for many of those suffering from addiction. Our therapists continue to create new services to facilitate the recovery process.  Pasadena Outpatient is honored to provide the support and structure to help you integrate into a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Pasadena Outpatient is excited for the opportunity to continue our efforts to contribute to the addiction recovery community. We realize that it’s hard to know where to turn in California with so many intensive outpatient programs. With 17 years in the addiction recovery industry, the owners of Pasadena Outpatient, together with our dedicated staff, truly look forward to helping you and your loved ones make this a healthy, happy and sober new year.

Change is possible. When you are ready to start your path toward addiction recovery, please reach out to Pasadena Outpatient at 800-521-1766 to make 2018 a happy, healthy and sober new year.

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