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Insurance for Addiction Recovery at Pasadena Outpatient

Many intensive outpatient programs (IOP) in Pasadena, CA accept payments from health insurance companies, whether it be in network or out of network…

Insurance Verification for Addiction Recovery at Pasadena Outpatient IOP in California
Pasadena Outpatient accepts health insurance coverage for IOP (intensive outpatient program). We are proud to be associated with major insurance companies in California, such as Aetna and BCBS. Our California IOP is willing to work with individuals and families in order to ensure quality of care without being restricted by finances alone.

Clients will work with our admissions team who will facilitate the insurance verification process The Pasadena Outpatient experts will determine your insurance coverage, costs and how to apply your insurance benefits. Our goal is to alleviate the hassle of dealing with insurance details so that you can concentrate on your addiction recovery.

This IOP addiction treatment program assists clients in developing their skills and relationships needed to bolster their recovery from alcohol and drug use. Pasadena Outpatient will design an individual plan for those battling with substance abuse and mental health issues. They will be assisting and supporting clients from the initial assessment to the time when the patients have recovered. Our addiction treatment services focus on relapse prevention, mental health assessment, family, social and professional dynamics and life skills building.

The cornerstone of Pasadena Outpatient IOP is the belief that patients can fully recover from addiction by allowing their problems to be dealt with in real time. The overall process will empower patients throughout their personal growth while they develop relapse prevention skills, which are vital in helping them get and stay sober.

How Insurance Verification at Pasadena Outpatient Works

Below you will find the Pasadena Outpatient insurance verification form. Please rest assured that we value your privacy and all information is confidential. It’s time to make a change and take the first step in your addiction recovery! If you are having trouble with the insurance verification form, please don’t hesitate to call Pasadena Outpatient at 800-521-1766.

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