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After residential drug rehab, many return home only to relapse. See how outpatient addiction recovery in Pasadena, CA can help with long lasting sobriety…

Music Therapy at Pasadena OutpatientOutpatient addiction recovery provides many benefits to help individuals transition from drug rehab to their new life in sobriety. There are many intensive outpatient programs in Pasadena, CA, (IOP) each of which is differentiated by their recovery services. What’s most important is to find an IOP that works for you and can best assist with your individual addiction recovery needs.
IOP addiction recovery services can include any of the following:

Substance Abuse Education

Understanding substance abuse and the complexities of alcohol and drug addiction can help move you forward in your recovery process. Often, loved ones are baffled by why their kid or spouse got into drugs and learning about substance abuse may help ease some of the pain and confusion.

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

Recognizing harmful behaviors demonstrated in alcoholism and drug addiction can help break the cycle. With CBT, one can learn to prevent relapse, create new healthier behaviors and gain power over their addiction.

Holistic Therapy

Alcoholism and drug addiction affect individuals physically and psychologically. That being said, intensive outpatient programs in Pasadena that address the mind, body and spirit can facilitate a healthier and happier sober lifestyle.

Music Therapy

We all know the power of music and how it can bring so much joy to our lives. Music therapy can provide a healthy means for expressing oneself to replace old habits of alcoholism and addiction. Whether it’s through singing, writing or playing an instrument, music is a wonderful tool for enjoying sobriety.


Since addiction is considered a brain disease, neurofeedback can help to retrain the brain. Learning how to focus, regulate behavior, manage emotions and mood as well as improve sleep all contribute to relapse prevention.

Sober Life Integration Skills

Transitioning from addiction to sobriety is a difficult process. Outpatient addiction recovery can teach new habits and life skills to replace alcoholism and drug addiction. Feeling more productive and healthier helps to avoid relapse and promote long lasting sobriety.

Outpatient treatment, or intensive outpatient treatment program, commonly referred to as IOP, helps individuals transition from drug rehab to a life of sobriety. Addiction recovery is a life long process. With the help of a good outpatient program in Pasadena, CA, you can build a healthier, happier and sober lifestyle. To get started, please contact Pasadena Outpatient at 800-521-1766.

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